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The world has changed in many ways since the release of my first album in May of 2019. This spring we collectively watched from our homes as the world shut down on a scale never seen before in modern history. Looking back to the end of February and early March, I am filled with an immense gratitude thats interwoven with a sense of melancholy and longing. Longing for the "normal" we took for granted.

A normal that wont be returning anytime soon.

At the end of February my quartet had the privilege of performing as part of Coastal Jazz's Winteruption 2020 at Performance Works on Granville Island. The room was full of aproximatly 300 jazz fans and the energy was sparkling and fun. Our Drummer (who is based in London, UK) was able to join us for the performance and I can remember how happy we all were to be playing together again. A few days later we went into the studio and began laying down the tracks for a brand new album.

And then everything changed, and for most of us that resulted in hitting the big ol' pause button on life.

For me, the time spent away from performing, touring, and recording resulted in a lot of new musical material not only for my quartet, but also for Company B Jazz band; a vintage three part harmony group i co-run with Shannon Scott and Juhli Connlin. Co. B was not only able to release our first music video, but we have also begun releasing the tracks off our delightful new album Charmed Bad Luck which is composed primarily of our original music! A new achievement for this band.

(A link to the music video can be found at www.companybjazz.com, and tracks are available for purchase and download on bandcamp)

During this time I was also able to put energy into my online presence and youtube channel which birthed a new series called Jazz Story Time. Thus far the series features 81 episodes of piano playing, jazz history, and singing. I'll include a link to the series for those who would like to check it out!

  For everyone in the music industry, it has taken serious adjusting to the new "normal". Whether it's been playing six feet apart or playing from home, we're all working on ways to be able to share our music to our community. For many of us this has meant going from performing four or five times a week to performing four or five times a month. It's not ideal, but we're heading in the right direction. With ample caution and mindfulness I'm optimistic that the future will once again hold venues full of music lovers, summer festivals, and international tours.

   There are many great things coming up this fall. Some of which I will be announcing in the not too distant future. But for now, Im happy to announce I'm once again able to continue the work on my second album and I'm hopeful for a release before the end of 2020. 

To all the folks who have purchased my first album Between Then and Now, I can't thank you enough. Your continued support has inspired me to keep moving forward, to keep creating, and to keep sharing as much music as I can. The future is bright, and I'm excited for everything that is to come!

I wish you all a safe and happy summer,

Love always,



Between Then And Now

Physical copies have officially sold out but digital copies can be purchased here!

An album for you, an album for me. For the social dancer who's swing out is more fabulous than Friday night. For the kitchen sock-hopper who grooves in private while steaming broccoli. For the old souls and the young at heart. For the lovers, for the dreamers. A snap shot between then and now.


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Bonnie is a trumpet player, vocalist and pianist based in Vancouver BC. Drawn to vintage jazz at an early age she performs music from the 20's, 30's and 40's as well as composes her own original music in the vintage style. Her singing is smokey and rich and her trumpet playing is a call to the early jazz styles of New Orleans.


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Sunday July 26th 2020

 Bonnie Northgraves @ 2nd floor Water Street Cafe


Join me and my fabulous bandmates Wynston Minckler (Bass) and Dean Thiessen (piano) for a night of swinging originals, modern mashups, clever arrangements, and some of my favourite jazz standards!  2nd floor Water Street is located in the heart of Gastown at 300 Water street.

Online ticket pre-purchase is required, but fear not! one easy click of this link will take you right to the page! 


This Event will be live streamed 


streaming will begin aprox 6:45 and finish up aprox 9pm. 

Oh, and the live stream is FREE!

click the link at the top right corner of the page!

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