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Old Souls
New Beginnings

Autumn 2024

 I am excited to announce I will be heading into the studio in January 2024 to record my third full length album 'The Fool'.

Like any good adventure, the ending is always a little unclear when first we set out. 'The Fool' represents taking a leap of faith and beginning on a new musical journey where i can share a curated selection of the music i have composed over the past three years. The music I've chosen for this record balances the  depth, honesty, and fearless vulnerability of an old soul with joy, curiosity and playfulness of youth; a combination that is both candid and engaging. I look forward to sharing more on this exciting new project in the coming months.

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Spinning Record

Albums and EP's

My albums 'Between then and Now' and 'Welcome to Trashland' are both available for digital download and streaming on Bandcamp. You are more than welcome to stream my albums and enjoy my music, but if you would like to support me as an artist, purchasing a record (for yourself or as a gift) is a direct and fabulous way to do that.

To purchase a digital copy or to stream my albums, please click the bandcamp link below.

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Call The Press...

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Press Bio

Bonnie Northgraves is a Canadian trumpeter, vocalist, pianist, and composer based in Vancouver, BC. Her singing is smokey, rich, and explorative; her trumpet playing a call to the early jazz styles of New Orleans while being lyrical, intriguing, evolved, and playful. With one foot rooted in heritage and one foot leading forward she is an engaging musical powerhouse that is exciting, joyful, and chock full of personality. This strong combination has given wings to a music career thats seen her tour North America, Europe, China, and India. Bonnie has released two full length albums, one Ep, and has recorded as a sideperson on numerous albums. She is also the curator for the jazz programming at 2nd Floor Gastown (Water Street Cafe)

"For my money, Bonnie Northgraves is one of the most fun jazz musicians to listen to in the country. She plays the trumpet like nobody else, sings her heart out, and is just a master entertainer from beginning to end of every set."

-Tim Reinert, producer of the Infidels jazz podcast, record label, and curator of live jazz events. 

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Up coming events

catch me if you can!

Sept 2nd-3rd : Rhythm City Mess Around

Bonnie Northgraves Quintet

Russian Hall 9-12, Prices available on RCMA website

Sept 7th: Laowai 

Bonnie Northgraves Piano Duo w/ Joseph Lubinsky-Mast

8:30pm-12:00 $5

Sept 8th-9th: Desert Daze Festival 

Company B Jazz Band

festival passes availabel on Desert Daze Website.

Sept 17th: 2nd Floor Gastown Jazz Brunch

 w/ Jason De Couto

11:30-2:00 $10

Sept 21st: Laowai 

Bonnie Northgraves Piano Duo w/ Joseph Lubinsky-Mast

8:30pm-12:00 $5

Sept 23rd: Jazz Cats Social Dance

w/ Jason Winikoff Hot 5


Sept 24th: Golden Ears United

Bonnie Northgraves Quartet

4pm-5pm By donation

Sept 27th: Guilt and Co.

Josh Roberts Quintet

9:00pm-12:00 $6 per set

Sept 28th:  Rhythm City Swing

Jason Winikoff Hot Five

8:00pm-11:30 $18 in advance $25 at the door

Sept 29th-Oct 6th Jazz at the Hall (Whitehorse, Yukon)

Claire Ness septet

Oct 7th: Jazz at the Russian Hall

Josh Roberts Quintet 

Oct 15th: White Rock Legion

Jason Winnikoff Hot 5

2:00-5:00 pm

Oct 18th: Brentwood Evensong 

Sister Jazz Quintet

8:00-9:00pm by donation

Oct 19th: Laowai

Bonnie Northgraves piano duo with Joseph Lubinsky-Mast

8:30-12:00 $5

Oct 20-22nd: Mad about Trad Jazz Festival (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

festival information available online

Oct 25th: Guilt and Co.

Bonnie Northgraves Quintet

9:00pm-12:00 $6 per set

Oct 28th: Capilano University Blueshore Theatre Trumpet Summit

11:00am-1:00pm free

Oct 29th: Surburban Swing Halloween Social Dance

Josh Roberts Quintet

9:00-12:00 event info online

Nov 9th: Rhythm City Swing

Bonnie Northgraves Quintet

8:00-11:30 $18 in advance, $25 at the door

Nov 12th: 2nd Floor Gastown Jazz Bruch

w/ Josh Roberts

11:30-2:00 $10

Nov 29th: Guilt and Co.

Jason Winikoff Hot Five

9:00-12:00 $6 per set

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